Hi! I'm Sharon Vornholt.

I help real estate investors generate more leads, close more deals, and make more money.  I can show you how to do that with a customized marketing plan that generates a steady stream of leads month after month, and by adding the niche of probates in your business. 

I also help people create memorable brands. Why is this so important?

It's important because, “Marketing is how you get leads, but branding is why they choose YOU”. (It's the secret sauce).

If you want to become an expert in one of the most lucrative niches on the planet, probate investing, you are in the right place! Probates have always been my #1 source of leads. I have been the leading probate investing expert for more than a decade, and I can show you how to become the “go to expert” in your area too.

Download One of My Powerful Resources To Uplevel Your Marketing, Build Your Brand, and Jumpstart Your Probate Investing Business. 

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The Complete Probate Investing Starter Kit + Sample Probate Letter
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Quick Start Marketing Plan Template to Generate Leads
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Get Your Complete Brand Assessment Worksheet

Through her best-selling course (Probate Investing Simplified), her personalized marketing plans (Quick Start Marketing Plan: 60 Minutes to Success), and her popular blog and podcast, Sharon inspires investors (and would be investors) to know that they too can create the same success and build a life and a business that they love. 

She shows you how to create action-based marketing plans for generating a steady stream of leads for your business, the steps to take to build an unforgettable brand, and a step-by-step process for building a profitable probate investing business in any area. 


Let's Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast


Who else thinks podcasts should do more than just “pass the time”? Yeah, me too!

You're going to hear from so many smart, interesting people on Let's Talk Real Estate Investing. You'll find interviews with industry experts from all across the real estate spectrum who have generously shared their success strategies was well as their challenges.

In addition to expert interviews, there are a wide variety of shows with one common thread: To help folks just like you start or grow a successful real estate investing business.  You will also find plans, templates, checklists and so much more.

So grab your earbuds and let's get started!

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