Why is it so hard to ask for testimonials?

I have been trying to figure this out for some time now. Whether  you are in real estate or any other business for that matter, it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’re doing a good job. When you have happy clients and repeat business that’s a pretty good indicator that you have satisfied the folks you are working with. And honestly, most of them will be happy to give you a testimonial if you ask.


I Hear this All the Time

Investors tell me, “I have been intending to ask for testimonials for quite some time. Each time when I forget, I say I will do it next time”.  We all understand the importance of having these words of praise on your website. So what exactly is the problem?

I honestly think it's two things.

First of all, people just forget. They go to the closing, get their check and about halfway home they remember they forgot to ask for a testimonial.


Getting an Unexpected Testimonial

I got a surprise in my email the other day. I had been working with an estate attorney that was new to me.  His client, who was my seller, was an absentee owner of a property he inherited. That is definitely one of my favorite types of motivated sellers; absentee owners that have inherited an unwanted property.

When I opened my email this is what I saw:

“It’s a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable and pleasant investment buyer. Hands down the easiest estate sale I’ve handled in a very long time.”

It's great not even having to ask for testimonials.


How Did this Deal Go?

I intended to wholesale the property, and I found my buyer within a couple of days. That in itself was quite a surprise. This house was structurally damaged and I really thought I would have a hard time selling it. But I will save that story for another time.

We worked through a number of issues and got the closing done quickly and smoothly. He told me many times how much he enjoyed working with me, and how easy the whole process had been. I half jokingly said to him, “That’s great. That would make a great testimonial if you feel that is something you would feel comfortable doing.” A few days after the closing I received his testimonial.  In this case I didn't have ask, but you will be surprised at the “yes'es” you get just by asking.

That's not so hard, is it?

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