Building a Winning Team

One of the reasons real estate investors gets stuck doing just a few deals a year is that they stay a “one-man show” way too long. Building a winning team is a process, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this show. My guest today is Nashville investor, Bill Allen, and that's where Bill found himself 5 years ago. He was doing just a few deals each year and doing all the work himself. Today, he has grown a large team that allows him to do over 200 wholesale deals a year. but it didn't happen overnight.

Bill scaled one hire at a time. In this show, you’ll discover how he now has a “winning team”, and why skills aren't necessarily the most important thing to look at when you are hiring.

Show Notes

This show is a little longer than normal, but it has so much information on how to build a successful wholesaling business that runs without you cannot afford to miss it! Here is just some of what we went over:

  • Transitioning from Navy pilot to full-time investor
  • Why Bill left Florida to start a new business in Nashville, TN
  • The journey from doing a few deals a year (and doing a lot of the work himself) to growing a wholesaling business that does over 200 wholesale deals a year.
  • Coaches and mentors; the importance of investing in yourself and the role those people played in growing the business he has today
  • Building a winning team one person at a time
  • Hiring mistakes and how to avoid them; what Bill has learned over the years.
  • His actual hiring process today
  • Whether you should hire on the basis of skills
  • The advice Bill would give anyone that wants to scale their business

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About Bill 

Building a Winning Team with Bill AllenBill Allen was a Navy pilot, he is a real estate professional, and he is the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping where he leads the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the nation. Bill and his wife live in Nashville, TN with their 3 sons.

Just a few years ago, he was stuck flipping 1 or 2 houses per year and doing all the work himself. Since then, he’s built a systematized business that runs without him and has begun showing other investors how to do the same. Bill and his team currently flip more than 200 houses a year. In 2019, after running mastermind groups and events as the COO, Bill purchased the training and development company, House Flipping HQ.

Bill is also the host of the 7 Figure Flipping Podcast. Be sure to check out his podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen.  You can reach out to Bill to learn more about his programs at 7 Figure Flipping.

If you want to schedule a 1 on 1 call with me to talk about specific strategies for building your brand and creating more effective marketing for your business, you can do that here by clicking this link.


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