How Choosing the Right Coach will Rock Your World and Grow Your Business

May 22, 2017 in Events, Investing In Real Estate

choosing the right coach


Choosing the Right Coach

Does this sound like you?  You’re always looking for something or someone to help you get over the next hurdle; to help you get to the next level.  You know you need a coach, but you might be confused about choosing the right coach for you and how they can actually help you grow your business.  You’re wondering if you will you be wasting your hard earned money.

Maybe you are heading off in a new direction in your business, and you’re not sure how to put all the pieces together when it comes to branding and marketing. You know there is someone out there that can help you streamline the whole process.

If this sounds like you, I can tell you that you are not alone.

Each and every one of us wants to be better at what we do.  We are all searching for the next thing we need to do or learn to grow our business. It has been my experience that choosing the right coach to help us master that next “thing” is almost always a game changer for us both personally and professionally. I can tell you this for sure: you will almost always make more money faster when you have someone to guide you.


Why is that?

The reason is, when we have the right coach to help us take those next steps suddenly everything becomes easier. The path automatically becomes clearer. The obstacles begin to disappear. And during that process, we generally take a big leap forward in growing our business.

It seems to happen almost magically. That’s because choosing the right coach can shave years off your learning curve.


What Is the Biggest Thing Holding Most Entrepreneurs Back?

The lack of a rock solid brand.

Most people either have a weak brand, or they have no brand. What this means is that in most cases you are simply invisible. Who wants to be invisible?

If you look around your field or industry, you probably know someone that is great at what they do, but they are the best kept secret in their industry.  No one knows about them.

Or, maybe this sounds like you:

You’ve built a business, and it might even be a great business. However the problem is that people don’t know about it.  They don’t know that you are the expert in your field, and that my friend is poor branding.



Let’s Talk about your Brand

People think of colors and logos when they think about branding, and those are the visual components of your brand.  What your brand really is though is how people feel about you.  It’s also what they say about you when you leave the room.  Yikes!  What do you suppose they say?  Chances are they say “Ben is a nice guy” or “Katie is a great gal”.

But let me ask you this; is this all you want people to say about you? What about your expertise?  Where does that shine through?  If you haven’t consciously built your brand, it’s probably non-existent. No brand = no shine.


You Need to Change the Conversation

What they should be saying is “Ben is the go to person in ___ (you fill in your field).  If you want someone to do that for you, Ben is the expert. He is the person to call.

Or… “Katie is the most knowledgeable real estate person I know. No matter what your needs are, she can make it happen. There is really nothing she doesn’t know about real estate”.

That is what would happen if you had a brand built around your expertise.  You have a wide circle of brand awareness and recognition.

Make no mistake about it; building a rock solid brand that shows the world who you are, what you stand for and exactly how you can help your ideal client shows up directly in your checking account.

It’s money in the bank.

Your brand and how it shows up to the world is much more of a determining factor in how much money you make than your actual skills and expertise.  Now I want you to think about that for a minute.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t need to good at what you do, because you do. I am merely telling you that in your ideal customer’s mind, it’s all about perception.  How you are perceived in the market place directly impacts how much money you make.

Marrying Marketing and Branding – Dollars in Your Bank Account

When you are able to successfully marry your marketing and your branding that’s where the real magic happens.

Remember that marketing is what you do to get leads in the door, and branding is what makes you stand out from the pack so that your ideal client chooses you (rather than your competition). When your marketing is on track and you’ve build a rock solid brand, you will be the obvious choice.


Are Your Ready to Make a Change that Results in More Income?

Remember when I said choosing the right coach can shave years off your learning curve? If you could get all of the pieces put together in one 3 day event, how much would that be worth to you?  What about an additional 3 months of coaching and accountability to be sure you get it all done?  That’s what you’ll get in this exclusive branding event next month.

Branding Books and Beaches Bourbon is coming to Louisville, KY on June 22nd -24h. If you are serious about building a brand that will put more dollars in your pocket then you need to be here for this event.

This 3 day event is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.  You’ll get all of the pieces to build a rock solid brand that will enable you to market yourself and your business in a way that will leave your completion in the dust.

If there ever was a time when choosing the right coach was important, it is right now.  And as a bonus, you will be getting two coaches for the price of one.  Join Barbara Grassey AKA “The Book Boss” and me for this one of a kind event in Louisville June 22nd -24th.

***FYI, the room block expires soon so don’t delay. You need to book your room ASAP.  (Rooms are sold out here in Louisville due to several large events).

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