Creative Real Estate Financing

Using creative real estate financing to fund your deals will change your business.  Specifically, it will change how many deals you can do when you no longer need to depend on banks to fund your deals. Doing more deals in a shorter period of time allows you to scale your business faster. If your investing strategy happens to include building a portfolio of rentals, that means you’ll have more passive income sooner.  Using creative financing also allows someone to buy property that doesn’t have perfect credit or the typical 20% down payment required by traditional lenders. It opens up a whole world of possibility for real estate investors.


When is the Best Time to Use Creative Real Estate Financing?

You probably know that great deals are plentiful in a down market. Sellers can jump on board quickly when it comes to creative real estate financing during those periods of time. However, what about when it’s a seller’s market?  Is this still a viable strategy?  You bet it is, and my guest today is going to show you his favorite creative real estate financing strategies when he’s buying property as well as when he’s selling property.  (Yes, they’re different).


Why is There a Hierarchy?

Now you’re probably wondering, why is the hierarchy of these creative financing strategies different when you’re buying than when your selling?  The reason is because it benefits you, and you will learn why in this show.

My guest today is Tennessee investor, Bill Walston. Bill is a sought after business and tax strategist in the real estate investing community. He has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance and a graduate degree in Tax Law.  His passion is teaching and creating strategies that help real estate investors do more deals, make more money, and live a tax-deductible lifestyle.

Listen in and learn why Bill uses this hierarchy of creative real estate financing and exactly how it benefits you as a real estate investor. You’ll also find out how you can get a printable copy of his creative financing hierarchy and learn a little about each one of these strategies in the process.


Show Notes

  • Bill’s aha moment when he figured out the real estate investors he was doing taxes for were making more money than him
  • Diving into real estate full time
  • Why he never wants to go to a bank for financing
  • Exactly what is creative financing and how do you use it to buy property with no money down?
  • Bill’s favorite creative finance strategies and how to use them
  • The hierarchy of real estate creative funding strategies when you’re buying and when you’re selling
  • Why the hierarchy is different
  • Being a cash buyer doesn’t mean using your cash
  • What effect does Dodd Frank have on creative real estate financing strategies?
  • How do trusts fit into creative strategies?
  • What are the benefits of using creative financing strategies for buyers? For sellers?


Private Money Workshop and Hierarchy of Creative Finance Handout

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Final Thoughts

Remember that once you learn these creative financing strategies, you will be able to buy property in any market regardless of your credit score or your ability to make a down payment (typically 20%) required by traditional lenders.

What creating financing tools are currently in your toolbox?


What’s Coming Up?

I have a brand new marketing workshop coming your way in about a month, so stay tuned.


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About Bill

Creative Real Estate FinancingBill Walston is one of the most sought after business and tax strategists in the real estate investing community.  His passion is teaching and creating strategies that help real estate investors do more deals, make more money, and live a tax-deductible lifestyle.

Bill holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance and a graduate degree in Tax Law. He lives in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee with his fur-kids Bailey and Karma.

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