Daniil KleymanI have a really interesting podcast for you today. My guest is Daniil Kleyman who lives and works in Richmond, VA.

Daniil has a background in finance and banking and is definitely a “numbers guy” which has helped make him a very successful real estate investor.

I love the fact that he is renovating historic homes and getting tax credits in the process.

Daniil is the Founder of 2 real estate related companies – Evolve Acquisitions which is his real estate company, and True Vision Analytics which focuses on helping real estate investors evaluate and market their deals.   One of his products that I am familiar with is a great tool called the “Rehab Valuator”, and I'm going to tell you how you can get your copy of this awesome free software.


Show Notes

Here are just a few of the things you will find in this podcast:

  • About Daniil : Imigrating from Russia at age 12
  • How being a “numbers guy” has really helped him grow his business
  • Renovating historic homes
  • Why this niche is so great because of the tax credits and incentives that are available to real estate investors
  • Why the tax credits exist and what you have to do to qualify for these incentives
  • About the rules and regulations for tax credits and historic homes
  • How new construction fits into his business
  • Using new construction homes in his rental portfolio
  • Getting down to business; how the numbers work out for these new construction houses for his rentals
  • Why this business model works so well for him
  • Why Daniil likes using local banks for his loans
  • The pro's and con's of student housing
  • Daniil's software business and how to use his free tools. Why this software works for rehabbers, wholesalers, landlords, private money partners and more.
  • Final advice for investors of all levels of experience


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You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

Part 1:

[podcast title=”Renovating Historic Homes with Daniil Kleyman”]http://traffic.libsyn.com/letstalkrealestateinvesting/DaniilKleymanLetsTalkRealEstateInvestinge39pt01.mp3[/podcast]


Part 2:

[podcast title=”Renovating Hisstoric Homes with Daniil Kleyman”]http://traffic.libsyn.com/letstalkrealestateinvesting/DaniilKleymanLetsTalkRealEstateInvestinge39pt02.mp3[/podcast]


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Want to Get Your Free Software?

You can get your very own “no strings attached” copies of the software by clicking on the links below.  He is also having a 3 day sale on the premium version of Rehab Valuuator (which is an awesome deal even when it isn't on sale).  You can find that link below.


About Daniil

Daniil1_Kleyman_cutI've been a full time real estate investor and developer in Richmond, VA since 2008. I specialize in acquiring properties for my rental portfolio with a heavy focus on extensive renovations and, lately, new construction. My portfolio consists of both residential and commercial properties. In addition to my real estate development company, I also run True Vision Analytics, which is a company focused on helping real estate investors evaluate and market their real estate deals. I grew this company single-handedly from inception in 2009 to tens of thousands of active users of it's various software products.


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