Does Your Marketing Resemble a Horse Race?During Derby week here in Louisville, we are all about the Kentucky Derby.  There is so much going on here it’s impossible to take in all of the activities and have a 9 to 5 job.

Now that is certainly true if you have one of those “9 to 5 jobs”.

But I don’t which is only one of the reasons I love real estate investing.  Isn’t kicking the old 9 to 5 to the curb one of the best reasons for being an entrepreneur?

We get to choose when we work, and being an entrepreneur in Louisville makes it easy to enjoy the Derby activities.


Let’s Talk About Marketing for a Minute

I asked the question, “Does your marketing resemble a horse race”?  Here’s what I mean.  Do you rush to the starting gate; do a sprint down the track to get your direct mail out, furiously nail up some bandit signs, and post some Craig’s List ads only to lose your focus next week and act like a horse that is simply grazing aimlessly or worse yet nodding off in the stall?horse

Maybe you cleaned and organized your office.  Later you went to the office supply store and got another case of paper.  After all it was on sale.  Then you did a whole bunch of other non-revenue generating activities.

You get the picture.  Whatever happened, you didn’t get your marketing done again this week.

There is No Finish Line in this Horse Race

Marketing is not an event.  It’s an ongoing process and you have to have a plan.  Your marketing simply won’t get done without a plan, and that plan has to actually be implemented.   In order for your plan to be implemented on an ongoing basis you have to schedule each and every activity. This is the secret to having a steady stream of leads coming in the door.


The Schedule

details 3A few weeks ago Churchill Downs put out a schedule of all the events for the Kentucky Derby.   They do that so everyone can put it in their calendar. So folks can plan.  They want their events to be successful. Now think about it for a minute; do you think that schedule was actually just created at the same time it was published?

You know it wasn’t.   You can bet next year’s dates for the activities are already on a schedule.   They have already begun the planning process, scheduling venues and doing many more things now to ensure next year’s event is a success.  They know that without plan they would have little chance of success.  Folks can’t show up if they don’t have a schedule of events.


When it comes to your marketing, you first need a “master plan”.  Your marketing plan should certainly have a clear vision of the big picture, but it has to be detailed.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it has to be detailed.

Once you know what you want to achieve, then it’s just simply a process of breaking the big things down into manageable tasks, and then putting those tasks on a calendar.

Planning to get deals is no different than planning for success in any other area of life.  You know what they say –

Does Your Marketing Resemble a Horse Race?


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