Karen Rittenhouse-How Investing Fits Into the Family Real Estate Business-Podcast Episode #35

November 3, 2014 in Podcasts

real estate investingMy guest for today's podcast is Karen Rittenhouse from Greensboro, NC.  Karen has been a full time real estate investor since 2005, and has bought and sold hundreds of  single family homes.  She is also coach, a trainer, a blogger and has written several books.

You might remember that Karen was featured in my “Successful Women in Real Estate Investing” series a while back. If you missed that post, just click on the link above.

Karen is just like most other women in this business.  She has a family, the normal problems that come along in this life, and she has been an integral part in building her family real estate business.


Show Notes  

  •  How Karen got started
  • How they initially decided how many properties was “enough”
  • Changing their initial “plan”
  • Growing to 130 properties in their portfolio
  • What came first – investing or the real estate company?
  • How long it took Karen and Jim to quit their jobs and invest full time
  • Scaling up to a much bigger business; how the concept of “Buy, Sell, Rent, Manage” evolved
  • How their decision to open a property management company resulted in the decision to open a real estate brokerage
  • Tips for working with your spouse (and loving it)
  • Their primary investing strategies; how the economy has an effect on their choices
  • Whether any of the Realtors working in her company are investors
  • The benefits of having a “certified renovator” on their staff
  • The legality of the investing side of the business VS the “retail” real estate side of the business
  • Choosing the right attorneys for your team
  • Tell me about your property management company
  • Have you had any legal or ethical conflicts by having both a residential side/Realtor side of your business and an investing side?
  • Finding creative solutions in their business for sellers
  • Marketing strategies for both sides of the busines


Karen’s final advice. It's a tweetable…..


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Karen's Site

You can connect with Karen at http://www.KarenRittenhouse.com.


About KarenSuccessful Women in Real Estate Investing

Karen Rittenhouse has been investing in real estate full-time since January 2005. In that time they have purchased hundreds of homes, opened a full-service real estate company, a property management company, and a coaching/training business.

Karen has also written several books on real estate – The Essential Handbook for Buying a Home, The Essential Handbook for Selling a Home, and The Essential Handbook for Landlords.   You can find out more about my books here By Clicking Here …


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