My New Favorite Tool – GoGoPin

November 1, 2010 in Cool Tools, Investing In Real Estate

I discovered the coolest tool recently. It is a website that allows you to easily create awesome ads to post just about anywhere. It will actually export your ad directly to Craigs List, Twitter and Facebook after you have created it.  And the best part of all is that in addition to being free, it is really easy for all of us “non techies” to use. The site is called GoGoPin.  In just a few minutes with a few clicks of the mouse and a little practice, you can put up an awesome ad on any of your favorite sites. In addition to the sites that you can export directly to, it gives you that piece of code that allows you to quickly post your ad anywhere.

I personally made a “We Buy Houses” ad and a “Bird Dog” ad in just a few minutes while I was trying it out. (I’m doing an experiment to see if these ads will work for me). My daughter Robin is the property manager for a 500+ apartment community, and she uses GoGoPin for all of her online ads for the business. It’s very easy to put together an ad that will stand out for a rental property. Inserting pictures and clip art is a snap. You can go directly to Flickr from the site if you need a great picture. GoGoPin would work great for yard sales or just about anything else you wanted to sell or advertise online.

The thing I love most about using GoGoPin is that it helps your ad stand out and be memorable on sites like Craigs List. Most of the time when you click on an ad you just get that same boring black text. Because you have the ability to add color, pictures, clip art etc. with GoGoPin, your ad will be anything but ordinary. You can check it out at


Backing Up Your Facebook Account

Over the weekend I found out how easy it is to back up your facebook account, and I thought I would pass that along too. Most of us tend to get kind of lazy when it comes to backing up our files. As more and more of us use Facebook for business, it just seems like a good idea to keep a back up of all of this information in the unlikely event something would happen that would prevent us from being able to access the site. I have no idea what would cause that to happen or just why someone would be banned, but since Facebook allows you to back up the information, there must be a reason for that it has that option. So here we go.

Go into your account settings, choose “download info”. There is also a “click here to learn more” tab. That’s all there is to it.