Preventing Burnout for Real Estate Investors – Episode #423

Burnout is a real thing for entrepreneurs, and real estate investors are no different. Today you’ll get some practical tips for preventing burnout for real estate investors (or recovering from it if you are already there) from my guest, Sara Vatore.

Sara Vatore is a Somatic Coach and Peak Performance Coach. She supports leaders, entrepreneurs, and busy humans at the somatic (body) and energetic levels to expand their capacity to be in the flow of life and business with more ease. Sara works with athletes of all ages, performers, and high achievers to overcome blocks and fears, embody confidence, and access their potential.

Preventing Burnout for Real Estate Investors

[00:00 – 08:23] Opening Segment

  • Sara's experience as a high school guidance counselor, entrepreneur, and peak performance coach
  • How to overcome blocks and fears, embody confidence, and access your full potential
  • Helping people navigate fear or negative thinking and doubts
    • Rewire the body to be aligned with how you want to feel


[08:24 – 16:37] How to Listen to Your Body and Prevent Overwhelming Stress

  • Fear of putting oneself out there can be done without overwhelming and burnout
  • Learning how the nervous system works is key to managing fear
    • Mindset plays an important role in the mind-body connection
  • Overwhelm and burnout can be prevented by listening to body cues


[16:38 – 25:21] Take Time for Self-Care- Tips for Preventing Burnout

  • Taking large chunks of time off to focus on self-care is key
    • The importance of scheduling regular times away from work and family to recalibrate
  • Get away four times a year alone, not work-related
  • Consider trying the Melt Method to calm your nervous system


[25:22 – 33:35] Understanding Why You Are Where You Are

  • Why slowing down can be hard for busy people
  • Lack of self-awareness is the biggest thing that prevents people from reaching their full potential
  • Money blocks, stories, and childhood conditioning are hard to change
  • How coaches can help people access the healing potentials of their bodies and clear blocks


[33:36 – 41:48] Closing Segment

  • People need to recognize that they need to hand off tasks to grow their business
  • Efficiency comes from your physiology, nervous system, and body working well


Want to connect with Sara? Follow her on Instagram & Facebook. Head to her Peak Perform with Sara to perform your best when it counts the most!


Resources Mentioned:

Here is an article on burnout I wrote about burnout for BiggerPockets


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