Probate InvestingA few weeks ago I was asked to do a guest podcast with Michael Quarles over at Buy Sell Fix Flip.

You might remember that Michael is also the owner of which happens to be the direct mail company that I use in my business.

I like talking real estate, and I especially like the niche of probate investing.   In this podcast you will learn why these are some of the most motivated sellers on the planet.  Listen in as we talk about how you too can profit by becoming a probate expert.


Probate Investing Tips and Tools

Here are just some of the things we talked about in this podcast:

  • The only four pieces of information that you need
  • The specifics of a direct mail campaign for probates
  • Getting the leads
  • What is the BIGGEST stumbling block with probates?
  • How to make sure you have enough time in your contract if problems crop up
  • Dealing with heirs
  • The pros cons of assignments
  • Where to find buyers  your deals
  • How to do a double closing
  • Can you really do a double closing with no money?
  • Do female probate investors have an edge?
  • Why Real Estate Investing is perfect for women and so much more…

I had a great time talking probates with Michael.


You Can Listen to the Podcast Here

I hope you enjoy the podcast. You can listen by Clicking Here….

You can also listen to a podcast I did with Michael a while back on negotiation.  Just Click Here to Listen….


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