probate estate investingI get a lot of questions about working with probates, so today I have a short podcast for you called “Probate investing Q & A”.

It’s a quickie – only about 12 minutes.

This podcast was prompted by a few specific probate investing questions that I got recently.  I love probate investing.  I want to demystify this whole process for you so look for some more probate investing Q & A's coming your way.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Also, be sure to take advantage of 2 freebies I have for you on the blog homepage.  There is an informative ebook and a sample letter that I send to probates.  I only send letters to these folks.  My preference is also a white, computer generated (professional looking) mail piece.  Be sure to hand address the envelope.  When you do this, you stand a much better chance at getting it opened.

Once again, send me your questions for my next probate investing Q & A.


probate investing Q & A

Show Notes – Probate Investing – Q & A Monday

  • Writing the contract; do I need to do anything special?
  • Do I need to be a legal expert?
  • How to I get a list?
  • Where is the exact question I need to ask?
  • What information do I need to work in this niche?
  • What are those 4 pieces of information needed for probate investing?
  • What's the difference in an executor and an administrator?
  • What is the “decision maker”?
  • Should I mail to the heirs too?
  • I want to dive into probate investing, but how do I find out if there's property in the estate?
  • What if the person is in the nursing home?
  • How soon should you mail?  How long should you wait to mail your first letter?

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 [podcast title=”Probate Investing Q & A”][/podcast]

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