Creating Absentee Owner Letters That Get a Great Response

March 1, 2013 in Marketing


Creating Absentee Owner Letters That Get A Great Respone

I have talked about direct mail several times before and the fact that you have to set up campaigns to be successful with this strategy. Sending out a whole bunch of letters once or even a couple of times and then stopping is just a waste of money.  So before moving on to creating absentee owner letters that actually get a great response, I want to spend a little time going over the basics of direct mail campaigns.


What exactly is a direct mail campaign?

A direct mail campaign is an ongoing process of sending mail pieces to your target audience. It is not a one or two time event where you mail to your prospects. Folks that are successful follow some tried and true principles.


What are the 7 steps that make up a direct mail campaign?

  1. Decide on the type of mail piece (letter or postcard).
  2. Create a compelling message for your mail piece.
  3. Design your actual mail piece.
  4. Put together a list of prospects. Know who your target audience is.
  5. Get the mailing together yourself or hire someone to do it.
  6. Mail!!
  7. Rinse and repeat every month.

Congratulations. You have just set up a direct mail campaign.

One bit of advice; get yourself a database or contact management system right from the beginning. You won’t be able to manage this process unless you automate it.

Now back to creating your absentee owner letter.


What are the components to a good direct mail letter?

There are several key pieces to a good direct mail letter. Read the rest of this entry →