Mitch Stephen – Tips for Hiring an Acquisition Manager, Seller Financing and More – Podcast & Video

October 30, 2018 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts


Hiring an Acquisition Manager

I always like having my friend Mitch Stephen on my podcast, and today is no different. One question I get all the time is about hiring an acquisition manager.  I knew that Mitch has extensive experience with this particular process so having him on the show was a real no-brainer.

People want to know things like: When should you hire one, and once you make the decision to hire an acquisition manager, what do you look for in that person? We're also going to dive into seller financing in this show and a whole lot more.

San Antonio investor Mich Stephen has purchased more than 1500 houses. He is also the author of 3 books. I think it's safe to say he knows a thing or two. Read the rest of this entry →