Where Can I Get a List for My Direct Mail? – Video Marketing Tip #4        

May 14, 2015 in Marketing, Videos


Where do I get a list?Folks ask me all the time, “Where can I get a list for my direct mail”?

Depending on the group of motivated sellers you are targeting, you will be able to find targeted lists at most of the major list sources.  Some lists like probates are not generally found at the big list companies.  There are several companies specialize in probate lists, but they often come at a hefty price of around a $1.50 a name.

The problem I found with these probate leads is that that in some cases the companies are actually getting their leads from obituaries which I don't advise anyone to do.  Imagine for a minute that you get a letter or a call around the time you just buried your loved one.  How would that feel?

The other problem with some of the probate companies is that they don't have all of the information you need like the contact information for the executor or the “decision maker”.  They will try to pass this off as being a fresher lead and will often tell you that lead is so new they haven't had time to get that particular piece of information.   To be successful at probate investing you need the contact information for the executor or administrator of the estate, but that is a discussion for another day.


List Sources

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