How to Build Systems and Your Team with Jaime Masters – Podcast #172

June 4, 2019 in Building Your Business, Podcasts

Building Systems and Your Team

My guest today is Jaime Masters of the Eventual Millionaire. I'm really excited to talk with her about how to build systems and a team to grow your business rapidly and get your life back. I can't believe it has been 7 years since our last interview.

Jaime is the CEO of Eventual Millionaire, and she has interviewed hundreds of self-made millionaires to find out exactly how they got where they are. She is a real superstar when it comes to showing people how to build systems and teams that will skyrocket their growth.

Jaime specializes in creating automated systems and doubling her client's revenue. (Who doesn't want to double their income, right?)

She also has 3 awesome freebies for you which she will tell you about in the show. You can find the link to those at the bottom of the show notes.

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