Marketing Your Real Estate Business; Know Your Target Audience

March 28, 2014 in Marketing


Marketing Your Real Estate Business; Know Your Target Audience


There are a lot of things to consider when you design a marketing campaign for your real estate business.  We all talk about things like, “Which mail piece should I use and where can I get a good list”?

These things are not only important but they are vital to your success with direct mail in your real estate business. There is one piece of this equation that is overlooked most of the time though and that is really stopping to think about who your audience is.  I’m not talking about the broad demographic or niche you are marketing to like absentee owners. What I am talking about is looking at your audience from a much narrower perspective.


Getting to Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is critical to the success of your marketing campaigns. If you really want to drill down on exactly who your audience is take out a sheet of paper and start to write down characteristics of this group you intend to direct your mailings to.

  • What type of neighborhood do they live in?
  • What socioeconomic or income group might they fall in to?
  • What would be the typical level of education these folks would have 

Now at first glance, you are almost certainly going to think, “Now wait a minute; isn’t this kind of like profiling”?  My answer is yes it is, but only to the extent that we might be better able to help them by being “relatable”.  In order for your target audience to connect with you, it is essential that you are speaking their language right from the beginning. Read the rest of this entry →