Is There A “Perfect” Direct Mail Piece?

September 17, 2013 in Marketing


Direct Mail Campaign

There is always an ongoing discussion about what type of direct mail piece works best for real estate investors. And what about the “perfect mail piece”? Is there such a thing?

The truth is that we all have our favorites. But there is one thing I have learned over time and that is what works great in one area may not work the same in another area. To take that thought one step further, the perfect direct mail piece for one niche may bring terrible results in a different niche.

I thought today I would take a look at some the different types of mail pieces that are available to choose from. I think it will take some testing to figure out exactly what will work best for you.


What Are Some Of the Choices?

  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Zip Letters
  • Express Letters

The two main types of direct mail pieces are letters and postcards. These are what most real estate investors’ use for their direct mail campaigns. But if you are looking to step up your direct mail marketing a notch, zip letters and express letters are mail pieces that you can also add to the mix in your direct mail campaigns.


So Exactly What Are Zip Letters and Express Letters? Read the rest of this entry →