The Barefoot Executive By Carrie Wilkerson – Book Review

June 5, 2012 in Books and Book Reviews



barefoot executiveI just love Carrie Wilkerson so I was excited to read her newest book “The Barefoot Executive”.This dynamo has 4 kids, 3 businesses and is just a ball of fire. She also has a lot to teach us about building a successful business.

Carrie is actually relatively new to internet marketing having only been in it for just a few years. But by taking massive action on a consistent basis, she has grown her income to 7 figures in those few short years.


Figuring Out What You Know

In her book, Carrie takes you through the steps of figuring out “what you know”. She really helps you nail down what you know that you can make money at and make a real business of”. Carrie does a great job of helping you narrow
your focus so you come up with a winning idea.

I also love the format of this book. She has “Barefoot Action Steps” and at least one case study at the end of each chapter. You will find that she has a video on each
topic on her site that you can watch, and she puts the link there in the chapter. This book is truly optimized for the maximum learning experience. But as you read the book, you will hardly notice that you are learning. She is just
so much fun. Read the rest of this entry →