How Real Estate Investors Can Make More Money by Staging a Home

March 18, 2015 in Guest Posts, Home Staging

Investors everywhere are always debating the topic of how real estate investors can make more money by staging a home once it is rehabbed.   Is it really necessary?  Can I really sell my house faster and make more money?

Today I have a guest post by Jane Blanchard that breaks it all down for you.


What Is It that Home Buyers are Really Looking For?

Home buyers are not just looking for bricks and mortar; they are buying a dream. Whether potential buyers are looking for starter homes or luxurious mansions, they are buying an image and a lifestyle, not just a space. Although some buyers can visualize how a property might look with their own possessions, regardless of its current conditions, many buyers will have difficulty imagining how an empty or undecorated home might look when furnished in an appealing style. For investors, staging is a part of the process of selling or leasing properties.

Home Staging

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What Is Staging? 

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