Erik Hitzelberger Podcast & Video – Part-Time Real Estate Investing – Episode #18

June 3, 2014 in Getting Started, Investing in Real Estate, Podcasts

Part time real estate investing Today's podcast is going to give everyone that has a full time job and a part time real estate business the information, the systems and the certainty that they too can do this business part-time and be successful. My guest today is my friend Erik Hitzelberger. Erik is living proof that you can build a successful part-time real estate investing business. He is an engineer, he has his real estate license and he is a rehabber.  He also has a family that includes two young children. His partner Bryan Snider is also an engineer with 4 young children one of which is just a baby. These guys are busy!


The Secret to Their Success

There is one main reason why so many investors fail to succeed. That reason is they lack systems in their business. Erik is going to tell you about his business and his systems.  He is also going to tell you how you can have access to the very same systems that have made him and Bryan successful rehabbers while having demanding full time careers.

Show Notes

Here is just a sample of what you can expect to learn in this podcast:

  • How Erik got started
  • His first few deals and why he knew he needed to do things differently
  • How much time it takes every week to build a successful part-time real estate business with full time income potential
  • Whether or not someone with no construction background can be successful at rehabbing houses
  • Marketing for deals
  • The advantages of having good wholesalers on your team that can bring you leads
  • Finding a way to do it all; the importance of creating systems
  • Building your team
  • The 7 steps to rehabbing every house
  • Avoiding the top 3 or 4 mistakes newbie investors make
  • Why flip houses when you already have a full time job?
  • The importance of having the correct mindset
  • And much, much more


You Can Watch the Video Here

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