A Look at Cash Buyer Markets

February 26, 2016 in Guest Posts


Where are the most cash buyersReal estate investors are no long limited by geography when it comes to investing in real estate.  Because of the internet they can invest virtually anywhere in the US or even in another country.

Investors with cash have a distinct advantage over all other buyers. When a seller has an offer from a cash buyer, that buyer automatically jumps to the top of the list.  In fact, motivated sellers are often willing to take less for their property in exchange for quick cash sale.

Today we are going to take a look at cash buyer markets. Specifically which areas have both the least and the most cash buyers.  My article today is a guest post from someone familiar to you, Satinder Haer of Zillow.  She is just a wealth of information so I always look forward to having her back.


Let's Take a Look at Cash Buyer Markets

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