What I Learned from Tracking My Marketing in 2017 with Beka Shea (and what I plan to change) – Podcast #118

March 14, 2018 in Marketing, Podcasts, Video Interviews


tracking my marketing dollars


I have a quick video for you today with full time investor Beka Shea that I believe is going to be a real eye opener.  I'm sure you know that you should be tracking your marketing results, but most people simply don't do it.  I hope today's video changes that.

When she took the time to really study her marketing results from 2017, Beka discovered several things.  First of all, she spent a lot of money on direct mail (about $130,000) and other marketing channels.  That's a lot of money! However what she also learned by looking back at the previous 12 months was something totally unexpected.

More than half of her leads came from something that didn't cost a dime, and this is something everyone can do. So what was that?  Listen in as she tells you all about it.


Here's Your Video – What I Learned From Tracking My Marketing in 2017

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