Mentors, Coaches and Role Models; Why We Need Them

March 10, 2016 in Investing In Real Estate


Mentors, Coaches and Role Models; Why We Need Them


I just spent 4 days in Nashville, TN and what a great time I had.  I got to spend 2+ days with some awesome and inspiring entrepreneurs.  Whenever I host one of those events I always come away from it thinking about the important role mentors, coaches and role models play in all of our lives.  We never outgrow the need for more knowledge.

It is so rewarding for me just getting to be part of these workshops.  First of all, it's fun watching fellow real estate investors strategize, network and master something new (which they all did).  I am proud to play even a small part in someone else's success

Secondly, there hasn't been a single time that I didn't come home from hosting one of these events with more knowledge than I left with.

As if it just couldn't get any better, I got to spend some “girl time” with my Tennessee friend shopping, wandering around Franklin, TN and enjoying great food.


Mentors, Coaches and Role Models

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