So You Think You Want to Invest in Commercial Property?

February 6, 2015 in Commercial Property


Investing in commercial propertyAre you ready to take the leap?

So many people that invest in single family property think about moving over to the commercial side of investing, but more often than not they don’t actually do it.  They just continue to think about it.

In today’s roundup post, 5 successful commercial investors give their best advice to folks wanting to move into this investing strategy.  Each of these seasoned investors owns apartment buildings.  Some of them also own single family homes so it’s not an “either or” situation. You can successfully do both if that’s your choice.

Here Are the Experts

  • Bill Walston
  • Brandon Turner
  • Joe Fairless
  • Ben Leybovich
  • Michael Blank

Each one of these experts answered the same four questions.

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