Building Container Homes – Expert Interview with Stevie Bear – Podcast #95

April 17, 2017 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts, Videos

Container Homes


It’s not very often that I have a new investing strategy to dive into, but today we’re going to talk about one that was new to me until just recently and that is container homes. My guest is my friend Stevie Bear of Make it Modular.

Stevie comes from a real estate family that goes back 3 generations.  She is a real estate investor, a Realtor/Broker, the owner of Make it Modular, and a partner in a funding company. Just for fun, Stevie has a 5th business called the Bear’s Lair which is a free space for artists to perform (and keep all the proceeds).

Today you are going to learn all about container homes, and why some people are interested in this type of home ownership.  Austin is a trendy community so it’s a perfect place for Stevie's business. Read the rest of this entry →