Mike Butler – Creating Systems for Your REI Business – Podcast Episode #21

July 14, 2014 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts


Mike Butler

I had a great time on this podcast with my friend and fellow real estate investor Mike Butler.  If you aren’t familiar with Mike, he has a pretty interesting story about how he got started.  In fact, pretty much all of his stories are interesting.

Mike explains how being so good at “interviewing” criminals; so good in fact that they would confess to crimes the police department didn’t even know they had committed helped him to connect with motivated sellers.  He also talks about how his unique ability to connect with motivated sellers allowed him to beat out other local investors (who offered a higher price) just about every time in spite of his somewhat scary “undercover look.

So let’s dive right in to the podcast.  Today’s topic is “creating systems for your REI business”; here is some of what you will hear…


Show Notes

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