Entrepreneurs; Don’t Keep Fishing in the Same Pond

June 8, 2015 in Podcasts

real estate investingDoes this sound like you?

You’ve been in business for a while, and you’ve hired a few people to help out over time.  They might be employees or possibly they are virtual assistants. The work is getting done however you have to admit that things just aren’t turning out the way you planned.

You don’t feel like you are “wowing people” any more with your product or service.

  • Today is the day when you’re forced to ask yourself some hard questions.
  • What happened to my grand vision for my business?
  • Why does my company blend in with all the others?
  • Where is the greatness I envisioned when I started this business?
  • Maybe your business has reached a plateau. Or when it comes to innovation you have to honestly say that there is nothing going on in that department either.  You feel like your business has the appeal of stale bread.

That’s the bad news.

But once you’ve said it out loud here’s the good news; you can fix this problem. There is just one thing you have to change to make this happen.

You have to stop fishing in the same pond if you want different results.


Stop Hiring Yourself

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