Why Financial Education is Critical to Building any Successful Business – with Erik Hitzelberger – Podcast #120

March 26, 2018 in Investing In Real Estate, Money and Finances, Podcasts

Financial EducationLouisville investor Erik Hitzelberger is back again today for part two in this series on “Making smart investing decisions”. The topic of today's show is why financial education is critical to building any successful business.  It's amazing how little financial education students are taught in our schools today.

The last time Erik was a guest on the show we talked about,” Aligning Your Investments with Your Goals.” If you missed that show I will put a link to the podcast in the show notes.

I know you're going to enjoy this show.

Show Notes

  • The lack of financial education in this country today is frightening
  • Where people stand today with regards to retirement (and some statistics to back that up)
  • The story people have been sold for decades about retirement just isn't true
  • The shift in thinking that needs to happen before things can begin to change
  • Assets that will provide passive income during retirement

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