Do You Have a Real Business or Have You Just Created a Job for Yourself? Podcast #167

April 29, 2019 in Building Your Business, Podcasts


Fire YourselfHere's the big question I want to ask you today. Do you have a real business or have you just created a job for yourself? For most real estate investors, the answer is that they have just created a job for themselves. We like to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, but are we really? I think the answer is no in most cases and here’s the reason.

Entrepreneurs or true business owners, organize their businesses for growth. They know from the very beginning they want to scale. A true entrepreneur knows that their job isn’t to do the work, it’s to build a company that does the work.

In almost every case, real estate investors start out as a one man show. That’s how they get their first few deals done. It’s the next thing that happens that will likely determine their future, and that is how quickly they start to build a team.

So how do you begin the process? You need to create a plan to fire yourself.


Show Notes

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