Lolita Sheriow Podcast – Using Google+ to Grow Your Business – Episode #6

February 25, 2014 in Podcasts


Google+My guest for today's podcast is my friend and fellow real estate investor Lolita Sheriow AKA “Lo”.

Lo is a full time real estate investor from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and she is a master of everything that has to do with social media. So when I wanted to do a show on “How to effectively use Google+ to grow your business” she was the first person I thought of.

I read a statistic recently that said 25% of worldwide internet users are active on Google+. But for so many small businesses, Google+ remains a mystery. They know what it is, but they don't really know how to put it to work in their own real estate investing businesses. I wanted to find out how to really put that platform to work for me and my business, and also to be able to share that information so others could benefit from it.


Show Notes

We covered a lot of information in this podcast, but here are some of the highlights of this show: