7 Ways to Fund Your Deals

November 20, 2014 in Financing, Investing In Real Estate


fund your dealsThe two biggest problems any real estate investor has are finding deals and funding your deals.  Today I have 7 ways to fund your deals that will give you options to close more deals.

As your business grows and matures you will need larger and larger amounts of cash. In fact as time goes on, you will likely need multiple ways to fund your deals.


When Do You Need to Start that Process of Lining Up Cash?

Now!   You need to start the process before you need the money.  So what does that mean?  Well, it means that if you are buying property and you still have a job, now is the time to pay a visit to your local investor friendly bank and find out what their loan requirements are or set up that HELOC so you have cash for future purchases.  Don’t wait until you have quit your job and then try to get a loan.

If you have already quit you “JOB” and you are a full time investor, there are still plenty of way that you can get that much needed cash for your next project.


7 Ways to Fund Your Next Deal

Today I would like to go over some of the common types of funding you can use in your real estate investing business. Read the rest of this entry →