How to Do Probate Mailings that Get Results

May 23, 2016 in Probates/ Probate Investing

probate mailingsProbate Mailings 101

I first wrote an article about probate mailings back in 2013.  Truthfully, almost all of the information is unchanged except for the fact that the return on your probate mailings is somewhat less.  What that means is that the percentage of calls you will get from each mailing is smaller than a few years ago.  Today I thought it was time to update this information and tell you what's working best for me.

I can remember the time when I was getting around a 5 to 6% on all of my direct mail no matter what the niche or group of motivated sellers was.  That statistic was certainly true for my probate mailings. Today that number is more like 2 or 3% tops.  There are still investors in many areas that are only getting about a 1% return on their direct mail campaigns.

Here is the most important thing to remember:

Knowing this is huge!  Most investors will throw in the towel and quit mailing after 3 or 4 probate mailings which give you a definite edge.  You want to be the last man standing when they are finally ready to sell.


Let's Talk about the Different Types of Mail Pieces

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