How to Find Deals on the MLS – Expert Interview with Jim Huntzicker – Podcast #98

May 16, 2017 in Investing In Real Estate

real estate investingMy guest today is Jim Huntzicker of Yellow Star Properties, and the topic of today's show is how to find deals on the MLS.  I've really been looking forward to sharing this show with you.

Jim is an investor and as well as an agent. He is also the creator of a program called MLS Domination and the Real Estate Investor Academy.

Jim’s company does an impressive 10 to 14 rehabs at any one time, and he has been involved in over 450 transactions to date.  He finds 75% of his deals on the MLS.

Jim says that approximately 80% of all property sold will be listed on the MLS. Some of those will be investor deals.  So why isn't everyone having the same success?  It's almost certainly because that they aren't doing things the same way as he is.

Listen in as Jim gives you some tips on how you can find deals on the MLS.


Show Notes

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