Creating Absentee Owner Letters That Get a Great Response

October 24, 2018 in Marketing


Creating Absentee Owner Letters That Get A Great Respone

I have talked about direct mail for a long time now. One thing that is so important to understand about direct mail is that you have to set up campaigns to be successful with this strategy. Sending out a whole bunch of letters once or even a couple of times is just a waste of money.  Direct mail is a long term strategy. Before we move on to creating absentee owner letters that actually get a great response, I want to spend a little time going over the basics of direct mail.


What Exactly is a Direct Mail Campaign?

A direct mail campaign is an ongoing process of sending mail pieces to your target audience. It is not a one or two time event where you mail to your prospects. My rule is that I mail everyone, every month so long as the house is still available. This is what I know for sure: folks that are successful with direct mail marketing follow some tried and true principles and that's what this article is about.


Surprising Statistics

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