How to Buy a Profitable Rental Property in a Top Market

September 17, 2018 in Guest Posts, Landlords and Tenants


buy a profitable rental


I have a guest post for you today on how to buy a profitable rental property in a top market. Thanks to Daniella Andreevska of Mashvisor for this article and the resources she shared.


How to Buy a Profitable Rental Property in a Top Market

Investing in real estate is an exciting and profitable business endeavor which starts with buying a good property in a top performing market. This process which used to take weeks and even months of research, data collection, and calculations has now been reduced to a few minutes with the advancement of technology into the real estate industry. Predictive analytics, a fancy term for using historical data to make predictions about the future performance of rental properties, allows investors to find and buy positive cash flow properties in any market before other investors get a hold of them.

The process of buying an investment property can be broken down into three main parts: 1) Choosing the best market; 2) Finding the best property within this market; and 3) Selecting the optimal rental strategy for this property. Mashvisor, an advanced real estate analytics tool, helps you out in each of these steps. Here is how.


Find the Best Market to Own a Rental Property

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