Staying on the Wrong Bus: Tips for Getting Back on Track

September 19, 2018 in Investing In Real Estate

wrong bus

I read this article a while back written by Seth Godin called “The Wrong Bus”. I absolutely loved his article, because he shared such a powerful lesson. After all, who hasn't been guilty of staying on the wrong bus long after they should have jumped ship?

Here is what Seth wrote:

*Your first mistake was getting on the A53 bus, the one that goes crosstown instead of to where you're going.


*Mistakes like this happen all the time.


*The big mistake, though, the one that will cost you, is staying on that bus.


*I know it wasn't easy to get on the bus. I know you got a seat. I know it's getting dark outside. But you're on the wrong bus, and staying on the wrong bus won't make it the right bus.


*If you really want to get where you set out to go, you're going to have to get off the wrong bus.


So, what’s the Point?

Now you might be saying, “I’m a real estate investor. How does this apply to me”?

Let me ask you this…

Who hasn’t gotten on the wrong bus? Who hasn’t taken the wrong turn, made the wrong decision or just gone in the opposite direction they should have? Let’s be honest. We’ve all done that. Read the rest of this entry →