My Life & 1000 Houses – Interview With Mitch Stephen

April 1, 2011 in Audio Interviews, Books and Book Reviews, Getting Started, Investing In Real Estate

I read a phenomenal book a while back written by Mitch Stephen called My Life & 1000 Houses. Recently I had the pleasure of doing a recorded interview with Mitch where he talks about his investing career and what led him to write this book.  I would highly recommend My Life & 1000 Houses not only to real estate investors, but to anyone that is struggling to build a business.

Mitch’s story is fascinating. He chronicles his journey of more than a decade during which he bought and sold more than 1000 houses. In his book he very willingly shares what he considers to be his “mistakes and his failures”. I prefer to call them “learning experiences”.

One thing you will surely learn from My Life & 1000 Houses is that for most people, success rarely comes easy. It will largely be your ability to persevere even under the most difficult of circumstances and setbacks that will bring you success. Read the rest of this entry →