Postcard Sending Apps – A Really Cool Marketing Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard About

August 25, 2017 in Marketing


Postcard Sending Apps


It's Hard to Stand Out

It’s hard to stand out as a real estate investor these days.  When it comes to direct mail marketing, everyone is sending similar types of direct mail pieces. There are different types of letters and a whole lot of different kinds of postcards but all in all, they are pretty much the same.


So How Can You Stand Out?

I have a tip for you that will definitely get your mail piece noticed. Today I want to tell you about some postcard sending apps that you can put to use in your real estate investing business.

I know a lot of investors that focus on specific neighborhoods or they farm certain areas. They are driving for dollars or even walking the neighborhoods which I have coined “walking for dollars”. (You can get in your daily steps and look for distressed property at the same time. Now that is being efficient with your time!)

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