The One Thing

January 16, 2015 in Books and Book Reviews

The One thing I  have read several great books this year, and today I wanted to tell you about what is sure to become one of my all-time favorites called “The One Thing”.

One quality that makes entrepreneurs so successful is that they are visionaries.   This same trait that makes them successful is also the very same trait that tends to make them lose their focus easily.   We are plagued with “shiny object syndrome”.

This book written by Gary Keller has a tagline that says, “The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results”.  That pretty much sums up what this book is about; the simple truth behind why we struggle so much and how to change that.


What Do We Need?

  •  We want (and need) fewer distractions in our life when it comes to our work. The constant interruptions from tweets, emails and texts cause us to lose focus over and over again when we are working.
  • We all need less on our plate. Most of us simply try to do too many things at one time.
  • We need a way to balance the demands of work and family without feeling like we are short-changing either one.
  • We need less stress.
  • We need a way to get more done with less work!

That’s what this book is all about; how to narrow your focus, get more done and spend less time doing it so you can have a better lifestyle.  Who doesn’t want that?


What Can this Book Help You With?

If you read this book and go through the exercises, you will begin to understand that you can only do one thing (at a time) really well.  Trying to do a little bit of everything only leads to mediocrity. Read the rest of this entry →