Why Not Pay Down your Mortgage?

November 9, 2011 in Investing In Real Estate, Money and Finances


Terry Sprouse who is the author of two books, “Fix em Up Rent em Out” and “Carve out Your Niche”, has written a very provocative guest post for me today.

The conventional wisdom has always been to get your rental houses paid off a quickly as you can. But Terry has a very different viewpoint on the subject. He believes that you should hold onto your dollars and let the tenants pay for those houses.  What do you think?


Why Not Pay Down your Mortgage?

I know its good advice to never say “never,” or you inevitably wind up doing the very thing that you said you would never do. But, as long as I am investing in real estate properties, I won't shoot myself in the foot by making additional payments to my mortgages.


Here are some reasons why you should not pay down your mortgage:

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