Crimes of Opportunity; Don’t Be a Statistic

May 29, 2014 in Investing In Real Estate



Crimes of opportunityPersonal safety is a huge issue for real estate investors.  It’s a big concern for all of us but especially for women who are generally more at risk.  When you show an investment property to a stranger, you are opening up the door to “crimes of opportunity”.   Crimes of opportunity are called that because you are creating the perfect “opportunity” for that person to commit a crime.

This also applies to real estate professionals. Those folks are put in the same situation during the course of their regular business activities. Realtor organizations tend to have regular trainings, but that isn’t the case for real estate investors.

We need to set up our own protocols for safety.

Department of Labor Statistics

The US Department of Labor shows a violent trend.  Several years ago there were 85 real estate occupational deaths in just one year. Of those, 35 were due to some type of violent act such as an assault.  25 of those were classified as homicides according to BLS data.

For any real estate investor that hasn’t yet devised a plan for staying safe, I would encourage you to do this today.


Safety Tips 

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