18 Minutes Book Review

January 20, 2012 in Books and Book Reviews


18 Minutes Book Cover 

I have just finished reading a terrific book called “18 Minutes” by Peter Bregman. This book is about how to find your focus, master distraction and get the right things done. This is a daily challenge for many entrepreneurs.

Peter Bregman is a consultant, a national speaker and he writes business columns for the Harvard Business Review, Forbes magazine and other publications. I would say that he has pretty much mastered this whole time management thing in his business. His focus each day is on getting the things done that will help him achieve his annual goals.

He has a lot of great suggestions and here are a few of them.


Finding Your Focus

In his book, Peter says you need to slow down your momentum; to hover above your world. Look around. See things as they really are, beyond what you expect things to be. Focus on your outcome and be open to extraordinary potential. This will help you to tap into resources and talents that you may have forgotten were there.

Ask yourself, what is this year about? What do you want to create? Are there things that are no longer working that you need to let go of? Read the rest of this entry →