Follow Up: No doesn’t mean “No” Forever

September 3, 2013 in Investing In Real Estate

No doesn't mea no forever; just not yet.I have a guest post today from a fellow real estate investor Chris Feltus of Feltus Family Homes..

Chris has adopted one of my favorite strategies for dealing with unmotivated sellers, which is to completely ignore the fact that they are unmotivated at this time.  Like me, he has also come to know that time and circumstances change all things. Today's completely unmotivated seller, may become very motivated at a later point in time. So What's the lesson here? Keep marketing to those folks.

Some of you know “Sharon's Rule” where that is concerned. I only quit marketing to those people on my list if I buy the house, someone else buys the house, or they ask to be removed from my list. That's it!


You can read Chris' post below…

When dealing with inbound seller calls, I try not to be too picky in terms of who I set an appointment with. If I have no appointments booked for the day, I will most likely take a look at the property unless it’s clear from the phone call there is absolutely no potential in the lead. If nothing else, it allows me to practice my rapport building. As long as there seems to be enough equity and there is potential to work together I will take a look. Sometimes some of the inbound calls I receive seem quite unmotivated at first glance. Many of you at this point would discard the lead and go on to the next one. However this can be deceptive and I will walk you through why.


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