What Happens to the Assets in Probate, and When do the Heirs Get Paid? Video 3 of 4

August 31, 2018 in Podcasts, Probates/ Probate Investing, Videos


the probate is filedIn today's video the topic is the assets in probate and heirs. Specifically, what happens to the assets and when do the heirs get paid?

So far, we’ve talked about what happens to start the probate process. How does it begin? That was video #1.

Then in part #2, I went over what is involved when the probate is opened.  You learned about wills, executors, administrators and more.


Video #3: The Assets in Probate and the Heirs

Today I'm talking assets and heirs.  In video three of this 4-part series, the next step in this process is that the assets are sold. There are two types of assets in an estate. Real property and personal property. I’ll also go over how and when the heirs get paid too. Read the rest of this entry →