Choosing a Real Estate Investing Strategy; Makeover Monday Episode #2

September 30, 2013 in Makeover Monday


Choosing a Real Estate Investing Strategy

I have the second episode of “Makeover Monday”…“Baby Steps to Success for Creating a Business and a Lifestyle You Love for you today.

Today I want to talk about Choosing A Real Estate Investing Strategy



What Are Some Tips For Choosing a Real Estate Investing Strategy?

I have found that most real estate investors try a couple of real estate investing strategies before settling on one. But choosing a real estate investing strategy can be tricky for some folks.  Some people may choose a combination of strategies to focus on like wholesaling and rehabbing. But I really believe that in most cases a strategy will choose you.  There will be one or two that you really like. Here are 3 reasons you might choose a particular strategy:  Read the rest of this entry →