Real Estate Investing Sucks with Rachel Hernandez – Podcast #59

August 3, 2015 in Investing In Real Estate, Podcasts

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My guest today is Rachel Hernandez AKA the “Mobile Home Gurl”.  You might remember that Rachel wrote a book called “Adventures in Mobile Homes: How I Got Started in Mobile Home Investing and How You Can Too!”

She has just written her second book called “Real Estate Investing Sucks; How to Deal with Change and Find Success as a Real Estate Investor”.

In Rachel’s second book, she goes over some of the most common challenges investors face and details how she handled those same challenges in her own business.

Even though Rachel specializes in mobile home investing, the strategies she talks about in her book are applicable for anyone who invests in real estate.

If you have reached the point where you are facing one or more of these challenges or you are so fed up you are contemplating throwing in the towel, you will be especially interested in this show. Read the rest of this entry →