Tenant Response, “But My Pit Bull Is My Service Animal”

January 30, 2013 in Investing In Real Estate


Pet LiabilityI have written several articles about whether or not to allow pets in your rental property. It’s an age old discussion, and as you probably remember there are clearly two schools of thought on the subject.

Some folks just say “NO”.

They just don't want the hassle, the liability and the extra damage that usually occurs when cats and dogs become “residents”. I have to admit that used to be me. But what I found over time was that tenants sneaked them in anyway. You had all of the problems, but what you didn't have was that upfront damage deposit and the additional monthly pet fee that almost all landlords charge.

When tenants had unauthorized pets before, you mainly had to be concerned about damage to your property. Now landlords have much bigger worries.


What Has Changed?

With new laws cropping up all over the country which have increased every landlord’s liability for those pets that fall into the “dangerous breed” category most notably pit bulls and Rottweiler’s, the landscape has changed once again. Tenants have found a new way to try to “get their way”.


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