Harnessing the Power of “Big Mo”; How Do You Get It?

October 3, 2013 in Investing In Real Estate


Big Mo, Motivation


You can’t see it or feel it; but everyone is always waiting for it. And when it finally shows up, you know immediately that it has arrived. It can catapult your business to success.  What is it?


Momentum or “Big Mo”

You know how this goes. Every day you get up and work on your business. Sometimes years will go by, and you can see slow steady growth; but something is just missing.  “Big Mo” still hasn’t knocked on your door.

You look at the guy on the left; he’s got it. But for the life of you, figuring out how you can get it is still a puzzle. When you look to the gal on your right; well she’s definitely got it.  That girl’s on fire! Then the thought crosses your mind. They are just lucky. That must be it. Somehow, luck has passed you by.


Getting “Big Mo” to Show Up At Your Door

I just love the term “Big Mo”. Darren Hardy coined this term in his book, “The Compound Effect” which by the way I think is a must read for everyone whether they are an entrepreneur or not.

Getting “Big Mo” to show up at your door has nothing to do with luck. Read the rest of this entry →