This Mom Flips Houses with Lauren Hardy – Podcast #79

August 22, 2016 in Podcasts

Lauren Hardy - this mom flips

If you’re thinking you need to wait until your small children are a little bigger to flip houses, think again. My guest today is California girl Lauren Hardy and this mom flips houses.  She has 2 small children and she works in two states; California and Tennessee.

Not only is she a full time rehabber, but she’s doing new construction in Nashville.


Show Notes

I love the topic today. This mom flips houses so let’s find out how she does it.  Here are a few of the things we talked about in this show.

  • How coming from a real estate family helped her
  • Why she chose to flip houses as her investing strategy
  • Tips for building a business with small children at home
  • Marketing – where she finds her deals
  • How Lauren branched out when finding deals in her own backyard got tougher
  • Making the decision to invest in new construction in Nashville
  • The one person she added to her team that makes the new construction process much easier
  • Investing in her education; why she continues to do this
  • Lauren’s biggest challenge
  • Finding your focus in busy world
  • What she loves most about being an entrepreneur

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